A different sort of family tree - Global Family is not dedicated to one family name. It started with the family names Wallis and Gamon - and it follows links from one Australian branch of each of these families wherever they lead.

To be included, a "family member" needs only to be connected - either by birth or marriage - to a person already included. So far (and we are only just starting) it has reached into over 247 family names, all in some way connected to one another.

Each person included on the site has their own page, showing their own generation (brothers and sisters), the previous generation (parents, uncles and aunts), and the next generation (their children, if any).

In addition the site may display photos, other images, documents, letters etc associated with each person's page. Any person linked to the Global Family can submit additional information such as contact details (email, phone, address) and a link to their personal or family web page.

Global Family respects the privacy of individuals, and lists only limited and publicly available information on any living person (given name, year of birth and sex) unless authorised by that person.

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